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#1 Crypto-Takers Directory

The world’s first online cryptocurrency-only directory; in the sense that under one umbrella we only list those who ‘take’ - accept cryptocurrencies in exchange for their goods or services.

1-FREE Bronze Listing with Silver or Gold Options

Best way to start managing your cryptocurrency 'taking' business listing is to register and so you can add your list of descriptions, products or services, alongside your images, videos, social links etc. via your own personal dashboard.

2-Promote that you 'take' (accept) cryptocurrencies - and are now part of the crypto-revolution.

Market your cryptocurrency taking business to a targeted audience of crypto-paying customers, who want and need your products or services.

3- Crypto-Conversion

Turn your crypto-curious-visitors into crypto-paying-customers with enticing offers on your own personalised page - with additional Ad Campaign options .

Exclusive to Crypto Taker's Only

Only those taking/accepting cryptocurrencies (or at the very least have a relevant business or service) can list for FREE and appear on Crypto Takers website - though to standout from the rest our Silver or Gold Listings packages permit you to super enhance your listing/s.
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Welcome to Crypto-Takers Directory exclusive to business and individuals who take (accept) cryptocurrencies in return for their goods or services.  Blockchain technology is the future – and why we’re dedicated to a worldwide adoption of them in general, as we believe people should be free to barter and trade using whatever “currency” they so wish.

Simply register for a FREE listings package; your business or service must either be taking/accepting cryptocurrencies, or at the very least have a relevant connection to them for your listing/s to be approved.  Using your own dashboard, listing/s can soon be turned into powerful marketing tools by adding your own media, product descriptions, social links etc.

For a fraction of the price – were you to try and duplicate this elsewhere; the potential to help you reach a far wider niche-marketplace and audience will be tenfold once you have listed what it is you do, as it will also appear on numerous social media platforms – that in turn will increase your presence on the internet. a place where you can easily be lost.

Be Part Of The Crypto Revolution!


Within CryptoTakers Directory you'll not really find what is the best 'alt-coin' to invest in, Hodl or trade, as we're more interested in adoption. For we believe it is adoption that will determine the success of any cryptocurrency and why you'll find listings, posts, articles & gateway-platforms that will introduce you to a wider crypto-world & community; a place where the types of businesses & individuals who take-accept cryptocurrencies in exchange for their products or services and one of the main reasons blockchain technology was set-up in the first place. You'll also discover links to learn about blockchain technology that is revolutionising the world’s financial markets and the way we currently pay for the kind of goods and services that are part'n'parcel of our everyday lives.

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