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About us; it’s quite an interesting and inspiring story which led to Crypto Takers Directory eventually being , yet surprisingly this news still hasn’t been taken-on by the MSM or news media outlets connected to the Crypto Revolution, as it’s a story worth hearing; – as particularly the idea and creation of Crypto Takers Directory came from a woman in a crypto-world that’s been hailed to be dominated, yet again by men.

More impressive, is her young age, 19, and that without doubt she has come-up with a great concept, model and idea that should really help inspire others to go-on and too put into action what it is they truly wish to do with their lives.

View from the terrace of the White Lion pub in Bristol.

It was in Bristol, England, the beginning of autumn 2017 – that a group of friends over-a-drink started to discuss the sudden phenomenal rise of cryptocurrencies, – in which there are now over 1200 (alt-coins) in existence.  Though particularly, it was the sudden surge of Bitcoin, from its low hundreds of pounds/dollars in value, to its high value in thousands – that really drew our attention.  After all it was all over the worlds media and why we even began to start talking about cryptocurrencies – and still do so to this today 14th September 2018, as the interest in all-things-cryptocurrency is increasing into Cryptomania.

Though it wasn’t until the youngest of our group, 19 year old Bristol born Jasmine Holly, inquired ‘apart from investing in them, what can you buy with these cryptocurrencies?” – “And if so, – where?” – that as much to her own surprise, she was soon the become the inspiration behind Crypto-Takers Directory.  For it wasn’t until now, – and even if you could easily suggest a few places off-the-top-off-your-head, – as to, ‘…who takes or accepts cryptocurrencies for their goods or services’, – it is easier said than done.

Jasmines’ questions led to a few of us scratching our heads. Google searches pursued into ‘Where can you spend cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin-Litecoin etc.?’ – ‘Who takes or accepts cryptocurrencies?’ ‘What products or services can you pay for with cryptocurrencies? – That of all the various listings that showed-up; ‘Top 10-20’, ‘Top 50, ‘Top 100’ businesses listed as taking cryptocurrencies – many of them are compiled in such a mismatched array that they’re not too convenient or easy to work from – and especially as opposed to a directory where they can easily be found in one place.

You will see of the current lists available, some dating as far back as 2009/10 and when Bitcoin was first launched, that they are either completely out-of-date or the businesses/individuals no longer exist or are trading.  Nevertheless, these types of out-dated lists still exist on the internet, and predominately so as they have been around so long they dominate the search results.  Unfortunately, they can be very frustrating to work from as you experience that many of the links no longer work, and you end up wasting so much time.

Current business directories such as Yelp and Yell, have millions of businesses or individuals listed, yet on a guess, 99.9% do not take cryptocurrencies, so not too much to yell-about and of not much-yelp at all! 

Okay, so you’ll find a few businesses and individuals listed here and there on internet; in newspapers, magazine articles, blogs, website forums, social media links and even the cryptocurrency issuers platforms, as they too wish to get their message out; “Hey guys, there’s loads of places to spend ‘our’ Crypto’s”:

…that if it’s a t-shirt, motorcar or coffee mug you wish search for, you’re given such a choice of competitors to choose from, yet have no idea what town, city or the country they’re based in – and until you’ve found the item and merchant you want it will often enough just link you to their shop on Shopify,, Etsy etc. so have to go through further processes and before getting directly to the product you want or the companies website.

Even then, if you click on the lists of merchants, the vast majority don’t actually seem to take cryptocurrencies in exchange for their goods or services, and instead lead you down the debit/credit-PayPal route to pay for your order.

The applies to Coinmap, also recommended by and others, and listed on Crypto Takers Directory; though a past and more recent updated-check (1/07/2018) and functionality report on the Coinmap website, reveals that on average 40% of those listed, either no longer exist or the links don’t connect to their destination.

So in all, following our research and look into the current set-up of crypto-taking directories, it seems the main problem is that each crypto-altcoin issuer has their own interests at stake.  They are in fact in competitors and therefore don’t see the benefits of promoting “cryptocurrencies” as a whole and why they recommend their own payment processors and alt-coin.

Which in understandable enough, as at the end of the day it will be those ‘cryptocurrencies’ that are adopted by the masses (shoppers) that will ultimately create the true value of a alt-coin come virtual currency – making the intangible tangible and generating billions of dollars in revenue and processing fees in both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are the future, they’re not going away and the world has to start adopting this new way of “buying” things or find themselves missing the boat.

The practical concepts of blockchain technology and how cryptocurrencies could benefit mankind has not yet truly been understood or unleashed.  People from all walks of life and no matter what part of the world they come from can and hopefully will greatly benefit from cryptocurrency payment advances and take us away from the antiquated forms of banking we have long been chained to.

However, it’s the present set-up we are in that isn’t really beneficial to the wider crypto-communities, for there are numerous ‘cryptocurrencies’ & altcoins already in existence – and growing by the day.   So to find what businesses “take” what particular “cryptocurrency” and not just Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. – will probably become even more difficult to search for.

So it was following the above mentioned discussion in the summer of 2017 – and the questions raised by Jasmine, that 50 year old businessman Darren Dykes, decided to research into the crypto-taking marketplace – and that after several months came to the conclusion; there was a clear gap-in-the-market and need for an up-to-date directory exclusive to businesses and individuals who ‘take’ – accept cryptocurrencies in exchange for their goods and services.

That as a direct result Crypto-Takers Directory (the name ‘Crypto Accepters’ didn’t quite have the right ring for us) was softly launched proper in April 2018; a fresh continuous updated worldwide directory platform that any business or individual taking “cryptocurrencies”, whether that be centralized platform.

For just £49, businesses and individuals can utilize their dashboards and transform their own listings and posts into powerful promotional revenue-making marketing tools.

And perhaps one of best things to come out of this ‘about us’, is that Jasmine has not only landed herself a position within the company as Marketing & Support Manager, she has been awarded 20% share in the business.

This should be encouraging news for many other women, as according to, as of May 2018, 94.73 percent of Bitcoin community engagement and active participation comes from men – and 5.27 percent from women.  Crypto Takers Directory like to think we are in some way helping towards reducing the disparity of women invested and involved in the cryptocurrency world and hope to see many more of them in the near future.

Imagining the intangible tangible…

We also want to encourage others to help promote themselves for FREE, for if you’re a business or individual who take-accept cryptocurrency payments in exchange for your goods or services – and no matter where in the world you are – you would be helping to expand our list of “crypto-takers” – thus making it so more convenient for the ever-growing number of crypto-shoppers keen to find places where they can spend their hard, or easy earned crypto’s.

We are on the peripheral of all things to do with cryptocurrencies – striving to help make blockchain technology an everyday part of peoples lives.  It’s the future of all payments systems as we presently know them.  Adoption is key to any cryptocurrencies success – turning the intangible tangible and this can only be achieved via businesses and individuals agreeing to adopt and ‘take’ cryptocurrencies in exchange for their goods and services – and not just Hodl, trade and deal in!   

  • Crypto Takers Directory have no commitments, affiliations, financial interest or ties, nor bias to any cryptocurrency/alt-coin – and only support cryptocurrencies that can be incorporated into a payments system – that permit businesses or individuals to ‘take-accept’ cryptocurrencies in exchange for their goods or services.