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Terms & Conditions


  1. Terms & Conditions policy applicable to all Crypto Takers Directory Advertising

2.1 Name

2.2 Address

2.3 Telephone Number

2.4 Classification of Advertisements

2.5 Decency

2.6 Competitor Advertising

2.7 Positioning of cryptotakers.com Advertisements

2.8 Foreign Language Advertisements

2.9 Intermediaries

2.10 Advertisement Content

2.11 QR Codes/2D Barcodes/Smartcodes or similar

  1. Introduction

It is expected by law that Crypto Takers Directory Terms & Conditions has a number of policies relating to the acceptability of advertising material, in which Crypto Takers Directory Terms & Conditions are based on the policies of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing Practice (together the “CAP Code”).  The policy within Crypto Takers Directory Terms & Conditions consists of three principles:


No Advertisement should contain anything that is in breach of the law nor omit anything that the law requires.


No Advertisement should contain content that is: likely to cause grave or widespread offence or embarrassment; not suitable for publication or display; or likely to subject Crypto Takers Directory to criticism or embarrassment.


No Advertisement should, whether by inaccuracy, ambiguity, exaggeration, omission or neglect, mislead users about any matters likely to influence their attitude to the advertised product or service. By following these principles we aim to:

  • create fair and transparent rules that can be followed by all of our customers;
  • protect the interests and reasonable expectations of the users of our products;
  • demonstrate our support for the codes and guidelines set out in the CAP Code; and
  • meet the obligations imposed both on ourselves (as publisher) and upon our Advertisers under law and regulation in the United Kingdom.

Useful information concerning the CAP Code can be found at www.cap.org.uk. If an advertiser is unsure about any aspect of its advertisement, free confidential pre-publication advice is available from The Committee of Advertising Practice Copy Advice team (“CAP Copy Advice”). The CAP Copy advice team can be contacted via e-mail on copyadvice@cap.org.uk (but they will not give legal advice).

Advertisers agree in placing orders for advertising with Crypto Takers Directory that the content of their advertising will comply with all relevant laws, statutes and regulations in place and which apply to the products and/or services that they wish to advertise (in the location that they wish to advertise them, where applicable), including the CAP Code. For the avoidance of doubt, compliance with the requirements of any part of this advertising policy does not absolve the advertiser of responsibility for ensuring compliance with any applicable law or regulation covering the same subject matter. In the event of any direct conflict between the provisions of this advertising policy and any applicable law or regulation, the provisions of the applicable law or regulation shall prevail solely to the extent necessary to resolve any conflict.

  1. Rules applicable to Crypto Takers Directory Advertising

2.1 Name

All Crypto Takers Directory web advertisements uploaded to the cryptotakers.com website, excluding Display advertisements, must only contain the usual business trading name of the Advertiser, which must be the normal trading name of the business, i.e. the name registered at Companies House or the relevant financial services body, used on official company literature or on a company website. A business trading name cannot include the following unless it is the usual business trading name:-

  • An e-mail address or full URL address for a website.
  • A strapline e.g. Tom’s Plumbing – Manchester’s best 24 hour plumbing service.
  • A Classification or a Location e.g. Tom’s Team Plumbers, Tom’s Team Manchester or Tom’s Team Plumbers Manchester.

2.2 Address

The standard address i.e. number/house name/business unit, street name, town and postcode published on cryptotakers.com is provided as a Free Listing option within Crypto Takers Directory. This can be changed to include a valid UK (worldwide) address where the business is located, subject to the branch policy set out in this section (4.2). PO Box and mailbox numbers are considered acceptable, however, when included in a listing or advert, their acceptance by the user/visitor/potential customer on the cryptotakers.com search results may be detrimentally impacted as it is not considered a standard address.

Where the advertiser has provided an address, which is not the genuine trading address of that advertiser, then Crypto Takers Directory reserves the right to terminate or suspend their advertisement without notice. The Advertiser must meet the following criteria in order to use a branch address on cryptotakers.com: Be either

  • part of the same legal entity or be part of the same company group; i.e. linked by common and/or ownership (common directorship is not sufficient) or
  • be linked by formal franchise agreement;

All branches must:

  • Have different address details to the holding company or head office; and/or-
  • Have some of the characteristics below:
    • have public liability insurance to operate their business from the address of the branch; or
    • comprise branch premises which are being leased, licensed or owned as the primary business address by the employee or the legal entity and not just temporary occupation.

Multiple branches can have the same telephone number providing that the business name remains the same for each branch.

Advertisers shall have regard, in complying with the branch policy, to the objective of this paragraph which is to ensure that only those businesses which are genuinely related to the main Advertiser and are genuine associated businesses of the main Advertiser (and/or are linked through common ownership (or contractual relationship)) benefit from the main advertisement. Crypto Takers Directory retains absolute discretion to decide if a business may benefit from this branch policy. Crypto Takers Directory reserves the right without notice to withdraw, or suspend pending investigation, the advertising of a business benefiting from this branch policy if Crypto Takers Directory does not reasonably believe that it is a genuine branch. Crypto Takers Directory may ask you to provide such supporting documentation as may be required by Crypto Takers Directory to verify that a branch address is genuine.

An address can be suppressed where the Advertiser conducts their business over the internet, via a call centre or delivers (a service not requiring the user to physically visit the advertiser’s address) and the advertiser requests suppression of the address. However Crypto Takers Directory may release the address details if a user requests subject to confidentiality concerns relating to certain classifications. If any user complaints are received or Crypto Takers Directory views that the advertiser does not comply with the eligibility rules, Crypto Takers Directory will investigate this and has the right to turn off the address suppression option at any point during the contract. Pay-Per-Click keyword, and Display advertisements do not require an address. An Advertiser’s address will still be displayed on their Free Listing as it is not possible to suppress these addresses.

An advertisement must display either a phone number or a URL if the Advertiser suppresses their address. Suppressing an address automatically suppresses the Map/Directions link. An advertisement which has an address suppressed will not be displayed on Proximity Searches or on the Multi Point map. An address can be suppressed on the following services:

  • Sponsored Prominence
  • Local Presence Plus
  • Local Presence

Advertisers wishing to suppress their address details will be required to contact Support at Crypto Takers Directory – and request such suppression in writing to confirm such request. Crypto Takers Directory reserves the right at its sole discretion not to suppress an address. Crypto Takers Directory also reserves the right to disclose an address of an Advertiser in the event that a customer has a complaint or dispute.

2.3 Telephone Number

An Advertiser that only conducts business over the internet and not through voice to voice communication, does not need to display a telephone number within their advertisement.

Free Listings must include a telephone number which must not be a premium rate telephone number.

Advertisers cannot display premium rate telephone numbers in a Free Listing as call rate information, as defined in the guidelines and required by the Phone-paid Services Authority guidelines, cannot be displayed on these types of listings.

If an Advertiser wants to display a premium rate number in a paid for advert the call rate information required by the Phone-paid Services Authority guidelines must be included in the bullets/text. Alternatively the Advertiser can choose not to display a telephone number in their paid for advert. Pay-Per-Click keyword, and Display advertisements do not require a telephone number.

Where telephone numbers are included in an advertisement they must fully comply with the Phone-paid Services Authority guidelines where appropriate.

The Phone-paid Services Authority is the industry-funded regulatory body for all premium rate charged telecommunication services. For more information about their guidelines please refer to their website www.phonepayplus.org.uk and follow the appropriate link. Crypto Takers Directory does not knowingly accept any telephone services that the Phone-paid Services Authority guidelines determines to be of an adult nature including, without limitation telephone services accessed through telephone numbers prefixed 0908 and 0909.

2.4 Classification of Advertisements

Advertisements must appear under either: (a) classification headings that describe the actual product or service offered; or (b) under any related heading related to that product or service as defined by Crypto Takers Directory, except for:

  • the Professional Services classifications further to section 2.1.1 above); or
  • advertisements on cryptotakers.com which promote or link to sites promoting or enabling gambling, gaming, betting, lotteries, prize draws or paid entry competitions which are only acceptable within those classifications that describe actual product or service offered.

Where a business appears in a specific classification the Advertiser is responsible for ensuring it is entitled for the duration of the advertisement, and shall continue to be entitled for the duration of the advertisement, to describe itself in this classification and that it holds appropriate and required licences, certificates, authorisations or permits as determined by laws, regulations, local council bye-laws or other legal requirements.

Advertisers are not permitted to order multiple advertisements within the same classification. This is permitted for Local Presence Plus and Local Presence adverts when the advertiser has a different branch address for each advertisement (see 4.2).

2.5 Decency

Prominence Adverts must not contain offensive content or link to websites that are of offensive nature.

2.6 Competitor Advertising

Typically, but not exclusively, Crypto Takers Directory competitors will be businesses that provide internet services offering classified directory type searches or listings (but not search engines) as their main business/function.

Crypto Takers Directory competitors’ advertising, as any other, will be accepted on cryptotakers.com providing it adheres to this policy.

Crypto Takers Directory may at its discretion refuse a competitor’s advertising from parts of the site where its presence may confuse users or it is detrimental to Crypto Takers Directory website, the Crypto Takers Directory brand, or the Crypto Takers Directory trade mark.

In addition, with respect to our content pages, Crypto Takers Directory may have exclusive third party arrangement agreements running with content providers or third party service providers. For the duration of these agreements Crypto Takers Directory may exclude certain companies appearing on the provider pages or require provider approval before inclusion.

Any excluded companies may however advertise on other content pages within cryptotakers.com at Crypto Takers Directory discretion.

Crypto Takers Directory may allow such competitor advertising as it feels appropriate for Pay-per-click Advertisements.

2.7 Positioning of Crypto Takers Directory Advertisements

Adverts and Free Listings are ranked based upon the type of service purchased e.g. a Sponsored Prominence or a Local Presence Plus, as well as its relevance to the search. The number of adverts and listings displayed for every search will be limited up to a maximum of 180 results over 10 pages. Crypto Takers Directory does not guarantee that paid for advertisers will appear above Free Listings on a search results page. Determination of relevance is at the sole discretion of Crypto Takers Directory.

2.8 Foreign Language Advertisements

Foreign language advertisements are acceptable provided they are supplied with a covering note detailing the English translation. Languages using non-English alphabet are not acceptable.

2.9 Intermediaries

Crypto Takers Directory may accept advertising from intermediaries or aggregators in the following products only: Pay-per-click, and Advertiser Prominence, subject to Paragraph 4.6 above for Competitor Advertising. An intermediary is any business who acts as an agent/middleman and refers enquiries from Crypto Takers Directory to a business or network of businesses.

2.10 Advertisement Content

Advertisement content, displayed in the Adverts and Profile Pages, must in all cases be decent (see section 2.2 above), but must not contain the following information:

  • A postal address

Internet Web Addresses (URL), email addresses, and telephone numbers can be included in a Standard Advert Free Listing or a Profile Page.

Advertisers on cryptotakers.com must ensure any videos used are licensed and/or authorised to use any music, logos, photos, or images contained in that video. The videos must not contain visually disturbing graphics (e.g. graphics that flash too fast or generally make the user experience of viewing the video very unpleasant), or be interactive (e.g. request that a user types text into a search field in the video).

Logos used in all cryptotakers.com advertisements must be the Advertiser’s company logo as used by Advertiser. Trade association logos can be used as a logo, provided that the advertiser is and will remain a member of that association for the duration of the advertisement. If an advertiser is authorised to use another Company’s name as part of their “actual trading name” they must provide written proof that they can use that company’s logo in this space. This written evidence needs to confirm that the Advertiser is allowed to use the other company’s name as part of their trading name, and not just that they have the authorisation to use a logo as a stockist.

Photos used in all cryptotakers.com advertisements must show the Advertiser’s premises, products or services. Trade association logos can be used as photos, if the Advertiser is a member of that association. Photos that include a third party logo can only be used where the Advertiser evidences the full permission of that third party to display such third party logos on the cryptotakers.com website.

Animated logos, images, or photos are not permitted within Prominence adverts. Only static images can be used.

Websites hosted on a domain name not owned by the Advertiser e.g. Twitter, Facebook, or Hotmail sites, can be used by advertisers if they have the permission from that third party to use the URL to advertise on other websites. The Advertiser has overall responsibility to ensure that they can use the link to the third party site as their advert or listing on cryptotakers.com.  The Advertisers advertisement on the third party hosted website must also contain the advertisers contact information (to avoid confusion for users of cryptotakers.com), and adhere to the Crypto Takers Directory policy on legal, decent and honest content.

2.11 QR Codes / 2D Barcodes / Smartcodes or similar

QR Codes can be included in a Profile Page on the Crypto Takers Directory website. Please note, images are currently resized to fit the image capsules within a Profile Page so should be taken into consideration especially when the QR code is complex and clicks through to a long web address. Customers can provide or upload the following file formats: JPG, GIF and PNG.

IMPORTANT – Limitations on QR codes QR codes, as with any other image published in the Crypto Takers Directory, they are done so in good faith. By placing an advert containing a QR code the advertiser acknowledges and accepts that the reproduction of these codes may interfere with the function of the QR code. This in turn may lead to the QR code not working in some or all devices. Crypto Takers Directory strongly recommends the inclusion of an accompanying standard web address for all QR codes.

Updated 1st September 2018 ©Crypto Takers Directory